Ultest.com is fully committed to protecting your privacy while providing you with the best and most secure online experience possible. In order to best serve your individual needs, it is necessary to collect personal information from you. The policies for collecting and utilizing this information are listed below:


"Identifiable" information such as your name, email, mailing address, and telephone are collected during the ordering process to collect payment and provide instructions to deliver the product. Similar information is also collected to process customer service/product inquiries and for sending important announcements and communiques about our company, products and services.


All personal information you supply is collected with your full consent in taking advantage of services. We will never use your information for purposes we haven't fully disclosed to you. If you do not wish to receive any communications from us, you may removed it from NEWSLETTER lists.


During the purchasing process, your information is collected securely using SSL Encryption. Your purchasing information is used ONLY during the order process. All your information you provide is never shared or sold to a third party or any company not affiliated with ours.


If you believe that any of your personal information we've stored is incorrect, you may use the relevant links in our website, emails or directly contact us to update your information.