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Red Flashing 3mm Round LED

Red Flashing 3mm Round LED
Red Flashing 3mm Round LED
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  • Low Current Consumption
  • Ideal for Warning Indication
  • Pulse Rate Typ. 2 Flashes per Second
  • No External Circuit Required

Technical Data

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating Free Air Temperature:0°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature Range:-65°C to +150°C

Pin Number Description

     1                 Cathode

     2                  Anode

Electrical Characteristics

VfForward VoltageVcc=Min,Ii=-12mA 2.54.0V
VrReverse VoltageVcc=Min,Ioh=MAX,Vil=MAX  5.0V
IfMax DC Forward CurrentVcc=Min,Ioh=MAX,Vil=MAX  30mA
HzPulse Rate
 Typical Viewing Angle  60 Degrees
 Typical Luminous Intensity 1530 MCD
 Dominant Wavelength  660 nm

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